Gambaran Diskrepansi Diri Pada Wanita Muslim Yang Pindah Agama Dengan Alasan Pernikahan

Wijaya, Winnie (2014) Gambaran Diskrepansi Diri Pada Wanita Muslim Yang Pindah Agama Dengan Alasan Pernikahan. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Marriage is a process to form a family. In Indonesia, marriage for different religion couple can not be approved by law, if not approved by the religion first. Therefore, between different religion couple, spouse or husband should budge or force themselves to follow their partner religion. In fact, there were several married couple who countinue their own religion after their marriage approved by law. However there were several people who continue their new religion after the marriage. The aim for this research was to give a description about self discrepancy in Muslem woman who change their religion because of marriage. Muslem woman whom change their religion keep believing their new religion and not become a Muslem anymore. Self discrepancy is discrepancies between how we perceived ourselves (actual self), with what the individual want (ideal self), or what should individuals do (ought self) (Higgins, 1987). The method for this research was qualitative method with in-depth interview which was conducted towards three Muslem women who change their religion because of marriage. The result show that the three subject already experience self discrepancy before their marriage, their purpose when doing this was to solve their problem. After the marriage, they tend to feel self discrepancy as the result for their decision to change their religion. Therefore, self discrepancy was a continuing process for solve a problem or appears as a new self dicrepancy on the next phase.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Subjects: Skripsi/Tugas Akhir > Fakultas Psikologi
Divisions: Fakultas Psikologi > Psikologi
Date Deposited: 04 Feb 2019 03:46
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