Pengaruh Jenis Musik Senang dan Sedih Terhadap Persepsi

Manuel, Aris (2014) Pengaruh Jenis Musik Senang dan Sedih Terhadap Persepsi. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Music can give influence to many psychological conditions, including emotion and visual perception. Visual Perception is one of the key for people to give their meanings of the world. The aim of this research is to examine the influence of happy and sad music to the visual perception. Sad or happy emotion in music is depended by the emotion’s interpretation which is given by the listener or the composer (Juslin & Sloboda, 2012). The research uses experimental method that using randomized one-way anova between subject design. In this study, 90 participants which are undergraduate psychology students are divided into three groups. Each group is 30 participants. A sad music piece is given to the first group, a happy music piece is given to the second group and the third group is given without any music. Participants are instructed to choose the suitable emoticon for expressing the emotion of visual perception when looking 30 neutral visual stimuli. The conclusion of this research is music gives influence to the visual perception. Then, sad music gives more emotion’s impact to participants than happy music.

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