Hubungan Antara Self-Esteem Dan Konfromitas Perilaku Merokok Pada Remaja Akhir Puteri

Aryanti, Dessy (2009) Hubungan Antara Self-Esteem Dan Konfromitas Perilaku Merokok Pada Remaja Akhir Puteri. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.

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The purpose of this research was to find out the correlation between self-esteem and smoking behavior conformity of late adolescent girls. Self-esteem is a personal evaluation, which expressing accept and reject attitude, also indicating personal belief of their ability, meaningful, successful, and self-worth. Positive self evaluation supported by peer group acceptance, so adolescence conforming any values in their peer group norms. Conformity is tendency to change belief or behavior to accord with others’ belief or behavior. Subjects of this research were 18-21st year girls, an active smokers, and have an active smoker peer group. Questionnaires for data collection were distributed to 318 subject in Jakarta. Data analyzing was conducted by using Pearson Product Moment Correlation from SPSS 15.0 for windows and the result rxy (316) = -0.315 and p/sig = 0.000 < 0.01. So, there is a negative significant correlation between self-esteem and conformity of smoking behavior by late adolescent girls.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Uncontrolled Keywords: self-esteem, conformity, smoking behavior, late adolescence girl
Subjects: Skripsi/Tugas Akhir > Fakultas Psikologi
Divisions: Fakultas Psikologi > Psikologi
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Date Deposited: 06 Feb 2019 03:55
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