Gambaran Kecemasan Pada Perempuan Suku Batak Yang Belum Memiliki Keturunan

Margaretha, Novyta (2009) Gambaran Kecemasan Pada Perempuan Suku Batak Yang Belum Memiliki Keturunan. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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An anxiety is a happening emotional feel on someone self, which cause sort of aspect, either internal and also external aspect, which could be wreaking changing on that self. The purpose of this observation is to get a picture of an anxiety on Batak’s female who have not had any descendent yet. The datas of this observation are got through deep interview process to the individual which have self anxiety starting from 27th January until 12th May 2009. The interview result with 5 subjects pant. Shown that their anxiety caused (beside they have not had any descendent yet) by environmental factor, such as family, parent in law, and friends. Their negative thinking to the environment could be also a trigger that can be cause their anxiety. Anxiety symptoms also shown by subject, such as a changing of physical and mental factor, a changing of thinking patterned, and also do some myth which have been evolve in a society. Mean while the impact of self anxiety to the subject are low self esteem, priceless, and unperfect feeling. Even so with the environment reaction to the person who have not had any descendent yet. Each of subjects got various reaction and these reaction could be a positive on negative. There are some way out that subject usually used to handle their anxiety, such as think positively, praying, and drawn their self to God.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Anxiety, Descendent, Batak’s female.
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