Penyesuaian diri perempuan bekerja pada bidang pekerjaan yang didominasi oleh laki-laki

Miti, Miti (2000) Penyesuaian diri perempuan bekerja pada bidang pekerjaan yang didominasi oleh laki-laki. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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The aim of this research is to answer: How is the self-adjustment of women at man’s dominance work? According to self-adjustment theory from Haber and Runyon (1984), self-adjustment is an ongoing process that will continue throughout one’s life. Self- adjustment is always changing following one’s life goal and experiences; it changes to adapt with different situations. The self-adjustment could be reached after being in the situations for such a long time. Self-adjustment is very important for everybody, especially for people who have double roles in community, like working women. Using the interview and observation method, the research has been conducted within 6 months, effected from August 31, 1999 until March 18, 2000. There were 4 respondents, who worked as a driver, security girl, bus driver assistant, and gas station operator. This research showed women who worked at the man’s dominance job didn’t find any significant difficulties to adjust with their environment. The respondents found that their jobs are not too difficult to handle, although some ofthem also recognized the hardship. in spite of their gender, the respondents convinced that it was worthly to work at man dominance'r job. in fact, the women in this research could do the man's dominance job quite well

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