Gambaran kualitas keterikatan antara anak dengan ibu, dan pengasuhnya

W., Diana Tirta (2005) Gambaran kualitas keterikatan antara anak dengan ibu, dan pengasuhnya. Skripsi thesis, universitas Tarumanagara.

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Attachment is the bond of affection which forms between a child and specific caregivers. An infant forms a secure attachment to just one caregiver, usually his or her mother. The numbers of working mother has greatly increased over the years. Women increasingly find it necessary to pay someone to care for their children when they are at work. The purpose of this research is to find out about the attachment quality between a child with his or her mother and 'babysitter. This research had been clone by interviewed and observed five employed mothers and five baby sitters. This research have found that there are three children who are securely attached with their mothers and babysitters. There is one child who is securely attached with her “mother, but avoidantiy attached with her babysitter. The other child is avoidantly attached with his mother, and securely attached with his babysitter.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Subjects: Skripsi/Tugas Akhir > Fakultas Psikologi
Divisions: Fakultas Psikologi > Psikologi
Date Deposited: 06 Feb 2019 09:01
Last Modified: 06 Feb 2019 09:01

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