Intensi berhenti kerja ditinjau dari keberhasilan strtaegi coping dan persepsi terhadap alternatif kesempatan kerja

Adam, Samuel (2012) Intensi berhenti kerja ditinjau dari keberhasilan strtaegi coping dan persepsi terhadap alternatif kesempatan kerja. Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between four variables, namely: Intention to quit, the success of coping strategies, organizational commitment, and perception of alternative employment opportunities. By knowing the relationship between these variables, the researchers intend to get a further basis for conducting a psychological intervention. Intention to quit is an interest and thought that employees have to quit from organization, either in the near future or several months. Coping is a cognitive and behavior changes consistent basis, to manage internal and external requirements based on the needs of individual. Perception of alternative employment opportunities is an employee perception of the convenience to get a job and a lots of vacant position. The research was conducted on 119 employees working in call center unit with a variety of positions. Based on this study, obtained the result that there is a significant relationship between perceptions of alternative employment opportunities and intention to quit, In this case subject of the increasingly negative perception of alternative employment, the lower the intention to stop work, otherwise the more positive perception of the subject of alternative employment, the higher the intention to quit. The results showed that when subjects have perception that there’s a lot of job vacancy in call center, easy to access with an easy selection process, then the subject will have a higher intention to change job. Intervention program conducted with the aim of lowering turnover, by lowering the intention to stop work on the employee. Interventions carried out through focus group discussion (FGD) and the presentation of the career development program

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: "intention to quit, coping strategies and perception of alternative employment opportunities "
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