Bentuk-bentuk reaksi emosional penderita lupus dalam menghadapi kematian berdasarkan teori Kubler-Ross

L., Melissa Putri (2007) Bentuk-bentuk reaksi emosional penderita lupus dalam menghadapi kematian berdasarkan teori Kubler-Ross. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Many people, especially in Indonesia still unfamiliar with the word “lupus”. Little of them notice that lupus is actually a chronic illness that has taken millions of lives, especially women all over the world. If it’s not taken care intensively since the beginning, lupus is as dangerous and as chronic as cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. It could threaten lives and causing death. According to Kübler-Ross, every individuals that have chronic illnesses and dealing with death will get through five stages of grief. The first one is the denial stage, followed by the anger stage, the bargaining stage, the depression stage, and the acceptance stage. The purpose of this research are to obtain forms of emotional reactions from lupus sufferers in dealing with death according to Kübler-Ross theory and enrich the society’s knowledge about lupus. Subjects for this research are woman aged 20 to 40 years because lupus usually attacked woman in their reproduction age, that is between 15 to 45 years old. The method that is used for this research is qualitative with in-depth interview and observation. The result of this research showed that the six subjects that have been interviewed experienced the five stages of grief according to Kübler-Ross theory. Although a lot of them did not experience it according to the right order based on Kübler-Ross theory and some of them dealt with one stage longer than the others, but they all come down to the acceptance stage and live embracing the days ahead of them without being fear of death.

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