Gambaran kepuasan perkawinan pada wanita bekerja

Halim, Eddy (2007) Gambaran kepuasan perkawinan pada wanita bekerja. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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The development of Indonesian women in this era is pretty advance. Women do not just act as house wives any longer but they are participating actively in all aspects of life. When a women have the chance to enter the working world and build their own carrier, the traditional role as a housewife still sticks on them. There are many effects caused by working women either it is positive or negative including the satisfaction in her marriage life. Marriage satisfaction is a whole evaluation about all things that are related with the marriage condition or husband and wife evaluation on all qualities of marriage life. Marriage satisfaction is an important aspect in family life on the couple because of it researchers intend to do research to know the picture of marriage satisfaction on working women. Based on the four marriage satisfactions which are dyadic satisfaction, dyadic cohesion, dyadic consensus and affectional expression. The results show that subjects tend to feel satisfied to their marriage satisfaction in the aspect of dyadic satisfaction (with mean value 3,6) and dyadic consensus (with mean value 3,7). While the results show subjects tend have to low marriage satisfaction in aspects that include in dyadic cohesion (with mean value 2,4) and affection expression (with mean value 1,35).

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