Persepsi suami terhadap sikap dominan istri dalam hubungan perkawinan

Venteen, June (2001) Persepsi suami terhadap sikap dominan istri dalam hubungan perkawinan. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.

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The problem of a dominant wife in the household has not seem to be popular to be brought into discussion, whereas the phenomena of the dominant wife also become part of our community system which has become more advance and modern. Through this research, the writer tries to answer the problem: How is thehusband's perception toward the attitude of the dominant wife in the marriage relationship? To answer that problem, the writer uses the theory, which discuss about marriage and family that is introduced by Rice, which one is discussed about the power in marriage. In this research, the writer tries to look for subjects that have wives who are dominants and the writer is successful in interviewing sixmen that have experienced with their dominant wives. The method, which is used in this research, uses the in-depth interview. The result of this research is all six subjects perceive the attitude of their dominant wives as something that is negative. lt is happen because the extreme imbalances of power between subjects and their wives. As result, the attitudes of the dominant wives create negative effect towards their self-esteem. A few other subjects feel to have a lower self-pride. This situation create stress for all the six subjects, which mark with the unsatisfying feeling in marriage, unstable work concentration, feeling depression, and apathy towards marriage. This kind of situation indirectly canaffect their interpersonal relationship, like disturbance in sexual relationship and can trigger an affair. The attitude of the dominant wives, which is too much in the household, are disturbing in the subjects live. ln facing the attitude of thedominant wives some subject have made adjustments, like repeatedly reminding their w'wes and they too realize that is a process, which need a longer time. In the other side. some of the other subjects choose to ignore and stay out, while the others feel hopeless and accepted because the marriage has taken place. But in general, all the six subjects hope that one day the attitude of their wives could change, so that their marriage that have been established will not be oven

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