Tahap reaksi emosional ibu dengan anak yang menderita kelainan kromosom

Sari, Yohana (2001) Tahap reaksi emosional ibu dengan anak yang menderita kelainan kromosom. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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During pregnancy, every mother has her own dreams about her baby. No one expects bad things to happen to her baby. Every mother dreams of having a good, clever child she can be proud of. A mother will have to deal with a painful reality which she never expect if the child is born with chromosome disorder. This research tried to explore the stage of mothers emotional reaction with a chromosome disorder child. Gargiulo (1985) said that there were three phase of parents reaction: primary, secondary, and tertiary phase. Reactions in primary phase were shock,denial, grief and depression. ln secondary phase there were ambivalence, guilt, and anger, shame and embarrassment. ln tertiary phase there were bargaining, adaptation and reorganization, and acceptance and adjustment. This research involved eight mothers as subject. They were mothers who has a chromosome disorder child, e.g: Down Syndrome. This research used indepth interviews and was conducted at the subject's house. The result ofthis research indicated that not every mother went through the phase stated by Gargiulo. In primary phase, all subjects experience shock. There were three subjects who went through denial. Five subjects through gn'ef and depression. ln secondary phase: two subjects experienced ambivalence, five subjects experienced guilt, all subjects through anger stage. Three subjects through shame and embarrassment. In the tertiary phase there were four subjects experienced bargaining, five subjects through adaptation and reorganitation and five subject experience acceptance and adjustment. It is suggested that mothers with chromosome disorder shild could accept the children as they are and let them live normally as they can, for example giving more freedom to the children to go to school, play and bring them to the community, etc. Damilies are eexpected to give support for the mother and the chromosome disorder children. These children are to be accepted and treated to live a nomral life. While the community can accept the children among them

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