Penerapan backward chaining dalam penguasaan menikat gigi pada anak dengan disabilitas intelektual tingkat sedang

Herlambang, Kirani (2013) Penerapan backward chaining dalam penguasaan menikat gigi pada anak dengan disabilitas intelektual tingkat sedang. Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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In general, the researchs on mastery skills of brushing teeth still uses the total task presentation method, while the research of brushing teeh using backward chaining method has not been found. This study aims to determine the application of backward chaining in tooth brushing mastery of children with moderate intellectual disabilities.The participants consists of two children with moderate intellectual disabilities with Down syndrome who attend the Special School for disabled children, Serpong. They were trained to brush their teeth using backward chaining method. Tooth brushing behavior was defined into seven continues steps that formed a chain. This training used the backward chaining method that taught every step one by one starting from the final step that had not been mastered by the participants. The training includes the most to least prompting until eventually prompting would be eliminated when the participant has reached the mastery. The result shows that participants who were initially only able to perform two of the seven brushing steps, increased the ability to independently perform all the brushing steps without assistance on the 12th and 18th session. The ability of the participants to brush the teeth completely and independently appeared in two consecutive sessions after the 20th and 23rd. When the participants were in different settings, they were still performing the same behavior. The application of backward chaining method in this study could prove to be the model for teachers, parents, and other interested parties to improve the mastery of daily living skills in children with moderate intellectual disabilities.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Backward chaining, disabilities, tooth brushing
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