Peran work engagement dan empowering leadership terhadap komitmen organisasi

Siska Dewi, Sim (2016) Peran work engagement dan empowering leadership terhadap komitmen organisasi. Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.

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For more than two decades, organizational commitment remains a relevant topic that receives prominent attention from the management as it is perceived that organizational commitment can predict employee turnover. Highly committed employees are perceived to produce better outcomes. Organizational commitment is a psychological state that has three components that reflect the desire (affective commitment), need (continuance commitment) and obligation (normative commitment) to maintain membership in the organization. Each component will develop from different antecedents and have different implications for work-relevant behavior. Among the antecedents are work engagement and leadership. A recent development in the leadership theory that attracts the attention of researchers is the empowering leadership. The empowering leadership behavior is regarded more suitable to the recent global economy that demands efficiency and quick decision making. The objective of this study was to test the role of work engagement and empowering leadership behavior toward organizational commitment of employees. Data were collected using convenience sampling method through questionnaires from 133 participants. Hypotheses were tested using multiple regression method under the partial least square approach. The results showed that both work engagement and empowering leadership played a significant role on organizational commitment (O = 0.417, p=0.05 for work engagement and O = 0.293, p=0.05 for empowering leadership).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: work engagement, empowering leadership, organizational commitment.
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