Premarital seksual permissiveness di Asia Tenggara (Sebuah pendekatan studi Indigenous Psychology)

Suharyanto, Carolus (2015) Premarital seksual permissiveness di Asia Tenggara (Sebuah pendekatan studi Indigenous Psychology). Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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"Indigenous Psychology approach is an important factor to understand the permissiveness of premarital sexual behavior in accordance with the values and norms of the local cultural context. Premarital sexual permissiveness is an individual attitudes of premarital sexual behavior and divided into four categories. The first is abstinence where sex before marriage is wrong and unjustifiable. The second is the permissiveness with affection in which sex can be justified for both men and women over the basis of love between the two. Third permissiveness without love where sex between men and women may be justified even without love. The fourth is a double standard where premarital sexual behavior can be justified for men but not for women. This study uses qualitative methode. With a sample of unmarried adolescents and young adults in five countries in Southeast Asia. From each country was taken 100 samples, and Total n = 500 samples aged 18-40 years unmarried recruited in five countries in Southeast Asia. Unmarried adolescents and young adults aged 18-40 years. All respondents are given 5 open questions (open ended) with the aid of a computer for sensitive questions. Coding explanatory is used to analyze the relationship between permissiveness attitude of premarital sexual behavior in five countries. Male respondents in the five countries known to be more permissive of premarital sex rather than women. Gender, range of age (adolescent and young adult) and permissive attitude of premarital sex are vary in five countries. Thailand although still quite traditional country, but from the results showed more permissive of premarital sexual behavior compared with four other countries. While the Timor-Leste is the most unpermissive country regarding the permissiveness of premarital sexual in the five countries studied, it is supported by a predominantly of religious. "

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: premarital sexual permissiveness, indigenous psychology.
Subjects: Thesis
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