Evaluasi program pilar karakter dalam meningkatkan respecy pada siswa SD di Depok

Widiasih, Triani (2017) Evaluasi program pilar karakter dalam meningkatkan respecy pada siswa SD di Depok. Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Pilar Karakter Program is a form of character building that was conducted in Elementary School X (SD X) with the intention of forming good character in student. The program refers to the nine pillars of character. Character development comes from individual moral content. Respectful is one of the basic morality of primary and universally applicable. Respectful is one of behavior which applied in the Pilar Karakter Program. Despite the student has participate in the program, they are not consistently being respect to the others yet. The research aims to provide an overview of evaluation of Pilar Karakter Program in order to improve respect of student in SD X at Depok. Type of the research is evaluation research with Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation model. The Four Levels Evaluation model included the level of reaction, learning, behavior and result (Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick 2006). The research subject was taken with purposive sampling using 4 out of 75 students based on the highest scores from the questionnaires respect (Bratter, Bratter, Bratter, 1995) that has been adapted. Collecting data using observation and interview techniques. Observations carried out on learning activities in schools, focus group discussion (FGD) and simulation. Interview techniques based on the theory of respect towards the four subjects and also teachers, principals and parents as triangulation data. The results showed Pilar Karakter Program can improve student's respect. The Increased of student’s respect based on the changes in behavior of respect from do not consistently respectful to be consistently respectful. Some good behavior in students showed in class, for example, showing respect by do not harping raise their voice when they speak to an older person, willing to be friends with anyone, consistently use a good language to express opinion or wishes, helpful, being a good listener, obedient, and open minded with diversity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: evaluation research, elementary school, program, pilar karakter, respect
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