Basic Human Values (Sebuah Studi Deskriptif Pada Orang Orang Indonesia Tionghoa di Indonesia)

Caroline, Caroline (2014) Basic Human Values (Sebuah Studi Deskriptif Pada Orang Orang Indonesia Tionghoa di Indonesia). Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Chinese came to Indonesia for many centuries ago. Their existence in Nusantara, through external and internal factors have changed their way of life, so their way of life is no longer same Chinese in Chinese Mainland nor with the Indigenous people in Nusantara. This way of life is closely related with basic human values (BHV). BHV are included self-direction thought and action, stimulation, hedonism, achievement, power dominance and resource, societal security and personal, rules conformity and interpersonal, traditions, universalism-nature, universalism-concern, universalism-tolerance, benevolence-care, dan benevolence-dependability. This study included 402 Indonesian Chinese by using purposive sampling technique. The data analysis used statistical descriptive analysis. The transition of basic human values on Indonesian Chinese are seen on power-dominance dimension with score at 4.2 on 1945-1954 and de-escalate to 3.6 on 1995-now. Another dimension that show its transition is power-resource with score at 3.6 on 1945-1954 and de-escalate to 3.2 on 1995 until now. Based on the data analysis, the BHV’s dimensions that stands out is benevolence-care with score at 5.0 and benevolence-dependability with score at 4.5.

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