Self-acceptance remaja akhir yang tinggal di Panti selama kehamilan pranikah

Sari, Dewi Ratna (2014) Self-acceptance remaja akhir yang tinggal di Panti selama kehamilan pranikah. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Premarital pregnancy is a common issues in the adolescent life and gives many negative effect, specially for girl. Premarital pregnancy that rejected by families and social environment make adolescent rejected themselves. One of the criteria for a healthly individual is self acceptance. According to Hurlock (quoted from Tentama, 2010), self acceptance is the ability to accept everything from oneself, so that if something happened unpleasantly, one will be able to think logically without inflicting a felling of hostility and inferiority. This aim of research is to get the description of self acceptance of adolescent that premarital pregnancy and live in the nursing. This research uses the descriptive qualitative method and the observation is performed on six subjects of adolescent. This research result shows that the six subjects have accepted theirselves, and this acceptance is influenced by some factors, they are: (a) their positive mind, that owned by Rn, Sy, Ws, Np, Am, dan Ti; (b) their realistic expectation, that owned by Rn, Sy, Ws, dan Am; (c) the acceptance and support from their family, that owned by Rn, Ws, Np, dan Am; (d) the identification with the people that have a good adaptation, that owned by Sy, Ws, dan Np; (e) the acceptance of society or social environment, that owned by Rn, Sy, Ws, Np, Am and Ti.

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