Pengaruh Dukungan Sosial terhadap Resiliensi pada Remaja Madya (Studi Kasus di SMA X di Jakarta Barat)

Christiandi, Christiandi (2012) Pengaruh Dukungan Sosial terhadap Resiliensi pada Remaja Madya (Studi Kasus di SMA X di Jakarta Barat). Skripsi thesis, universitas Tarumanagara.


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Social support is an exchange of resources between one individual against another individual or a group against an individual which refers to the acceptance of a sense of comfort, care, confidence, and aid in the form of goods or services that makes middle adolescents can overcome the problems experienced with a strong and do not despair, as well as to improve the welfare of middle adolescents. Resilience is the ability to respond in a healthy and productive way, when individuals face adversity or trauma, so that an individual can manage stress well. It should also be realized that the same capabilities of resilience is essential to expand and enrich the life of someone because they needed to recover from the setback. Resilience of creating and maintaining a positive attitude of the individual (Reivich & Shatte, 2002). The study is assessed 362 middle adolescents from X’s high school who are 14 -17 years old in X, XI, adn XII grades. This study is using explanatory non experimental quantitative method with regression analyzing. The results from regression analyzing shows that Rsquare = 0,235, t = 18, 202, dan p = 0,000. Thus, we can conclude that there is an influnce from social support on resilience of middle adolescence students from X’s high school in West Jakarta.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Uncontrolled Keywords: social support, resilience, middle adolescence.
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