Gambaran Resiliensi yang Tinggi pada Korban Bencana Erupsi Merapi di Yogyakarta

Hero Samador Kuki, Vincentius (2013) Gambaran Resiliensi yang Tinggi pada Korban Bencana Erupsi Merapi di Yogyakarta. Skripsi thesis, universitas Tarumanagara.


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The purpose of this study is to describe the high resilience on Merapi eruption victims at Yogyakarta. Resilience is the capacity of the capabilities of the individual to survive, get up and be able to adapt in the face of a difficult situation. Reivich and Shatte (2003) states that there are seven skills in resilient individuals: (a) emotional regulation, (b) impulse control, (c) optimism, (d) causal analysis, (e) empathy, (f) self -efficacy, and (g) reaching out. Resilience is important for victims of natural disasters to survive in a difficult situation. The method of this research is mixed method. Quantitative methods are used to identify subjects who tend to have high resilience by using questionnaires given to 92 participants, then take 3 subjects who score high resilience to be interviewed. Qualitative methods are used to obtain information about a deeper of resilience in three subjects by interview. Based on the qualitative analysis, the subjects were able to manage emotions well, impatient or unable to control impulses in himself, optimistic and have hope of a better future, be able to identify the cause of their problems, have confidence, and be able to sort out which ones should be do and which ones do not need to be done on the subject tends to lead to higher resilience.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Resilience, Victims of natural disasters, Mix method
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