Perbedaan konsep diri dan konformitas teman sebaya pada remaja ditinjau dari persepsi pola asuh orangtua

Constantine, Carlos (2016) Perbedaan konsep diri dan konformitas teman sebaya pada remaja ditinjau dari persepsi pola asuh orangtua. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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" Adolescence is a time in an individual's life when they go through a self-seeking process for the first time, and the outcome of this process can determine the individual's trait and personality in the future. Conformity becomes a common thing to do in adolescence as the result of idol transitioning from parents to peer and also because of individual's wish for peer acceptance. The process of determining self-concept also takes place in the adolescence phase through the comparison between self and other people. A good parenting style can be one of the key factors to determining how the individual think and their proneness to outside influences. The study is done by spreading the questionnare online, with a total of 823 adolescent aging from 11 to 21 years old responding to the questionnaire and the majority of the responses coming from 15 to 21 years old adolescents with different religious backgrounds. This study uses a correlational design of non experimental quantitative method. Kruskal-Wallis differential test result shows Chi Square to be 8,617, p =.035 and 9,977, p =.019 when conformity is respectively measured by mother's and father's parenting style, also Chi Square is 40,312, p =.000 and 30,466, p =.000 when self-concept is measured respectively by mother's and father's parenting style. These findings indicate that levels of self-concept and conformity is significantly different when reviewed by both mother and father's parenting style. It can be concluded that levels of conformity and self-concept may differ depending on the parenting style that is used by parents. "

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