Gambaran religiositas pada individu yang melakukan konversi agama

Wiranto, Rian (2016) Gambaran religiositas pada individu yang melakukan konversi agama. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Religious conversion is change of believe from the older religion to other religion, it’s based on the change of people understanding about a thing that can guarantee people of the safety of the world to the hereafter and behave against the rules that people thing wrong from the previous religious believe. Religious conversion can occur due to three factor, first one is the influence of the person’s social life, second is the influence of psychological internal, and the last is external psychological influence. These influence associate by religiosity owned by each person, religiosity is a belief in the doctrine taught by the religion and the belief in the religious teachings that affect a person in everyday life. This study uses the six dimensions of religiosity expressed by Glock and Stark (1965), the dimensions of ideological, intellectual dimension, ritualistic dimension, experiential dimension and a konsekuensional dimension to be able to see religiosity owned by the person. There are four respondents and the method that used in this study is qualitative in order to see the picture of religiosity in depth and the approach that used in this study is phenomenological. Results from this study is the fourth respondent can place their believes in accordance with the teachings of different capacities, the intensity of pray also vary in accordance with the teachings of their religions and religious motivations that owned by each respondent also vary.

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