Gambaran pemilihan pasangan hidup pada dewasa awal yang mengalami penceraian orangtua

Tripuspita Patasik, Gantyani (2016) Gambaran pemilihan pasangan hidup pada dewasa awal yang mengalami penceraian orangtua. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Life as individuals with parents who are divorced is not something desirable. A divorced experienced by parents will have effects on children. One of the effects of parental divorce is a child with distrust when starting a relationship with the opposite gender. The purpose of this study is to show an overview of the the election in early adulthood life partner who experienced parental divorced. The election of a spouses is a process of choosing a partner from the established criteria. An analysis of the election spouses factor estimate based on the theory of mate selection in life stated by DeGenova (2011) is devided into two major factors, the first one is family background and personal characteristics factors. In depth interview by summarizing and paraphrasing was conducted to four adults (age 21 to 27) of divorcing parents who currently have a romantic relationship.the research occured within 6 months, started in December 2015 until June 2016. The procedure for selecting subjects using snowball sampling technique. The results show generally, fourth subject could face the reality of divorced that happened and now has a life partner for themselves. From 7 factors of mate selection, four subjects had a fulfilment of different factors, religion and individuals traits and behavior are the factors that agreed by four subjects. There is a difference between men and women subjects where women are more concerned with socio economic factors and education, while men are more concerned with the subject of gender roles factor.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Mate selection, divorced, and early adulthood.
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