Robust Kurtosis Projection Approach for Mangrove Classification

Herwindiati, Dyah E. and Hendryli, Janson and Mulyono, Sidik Robust Kurtosis Projection Approach for Mangrove Classification. Robust Kurtosis Projection Approach for Mangrove Classification.


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Mangroves are coastal vegetations that grow at the interface between land and sea. It can be found in tropical and subtropical tidal areas. Mangrove ecosystems have many ecological roles spans from forestry, fisheries, environmental conservation. The Indonesian archipelago is home to a large mangrove population which has enormous ecological value. This paper discusses mangrove land detection in the North Jakarta from Landsat 8 satellite imagery. One of the special characteristics of mangroves that are distinguishing them from another vegetation is their growing location. This characteristic makes mangrove classification using satellite imagery non trivial task. We need an advanced method that can confidently detect the mangrove ecosystem from the satellite images. The objective of this paper is to propose the robust algorithm using projection kurtosis and minimizing vector variance for mangrove land classification. The evaluation classification provides that the proposed algorithm has a good performance.

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