Legal Empowerment in Baduy Migrant, Lebak-Banten

PRIANTO, YUWONO and Rahayu, Mella Ismelina F and Gabriella, Elia Legal Empowerment in Baduy Migrant, Lebak-Banten. Legal Empowerment in Baduy Migrant, Lebak-Banten.

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Baduy Migrants / mualaff, including Dangka Baduy, no longer follow Sunda Wiwitan teaching’s. They must leave the Inner Baduy / Outer Baduy, and marginalized due to loss of place to live and access to natural resources in Kanekes Village. Currently there are new settlements in Bojongmenteng Village, Lembah Barokah Village, there are 50 units of house from waqaf with 40 family residents under YASMUI and 40 units of houses at Landeuh Villages, large mosque and 37 fa milies who have deepening monotheism & Shari'a Islam by a team from at-Taubah 60 Foundation that try to make that place to be a religious tourist destination. This article is an outcome of community service. They are still pursuing jobs in the agricultural sector, and require skills in processing crops, services, culinary, and tour guides. The introduction of the field of Environmental Law given that Landeuh Village was established on a hillside with potential landslide potential, while the Tourism Law material aimed at supporting the vision of Kampung Landeuh as a religious tourism and micro business opportunity. A special, simple, innocent and shy approach to personal remembering is needed so as to provide a set of cooking utensils collectively to start a micro business.

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