Comparison Study of Facility Planning and Layouts Studies

K, Bintang Bagaskara and Gozali, Lina and Widodo, Lamto and Daywin, Frans J. Comparison Study of Facility Planning and Layouts Studies. Comparison Study of Facility Planning and Layouts Studies.

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Facilities and layout planning is a study discipline that has take an important role in company management. There are a lot of problem and inflicts the company because of having a wrong layout of facilities. One of them are material handling in production area, cost of material handling will increase and inflicts the company just because the company has a wrong layout design. Because it takes a long time and a long distance to carry the material from the warehouse to the production area until to the finished goods warehouse. Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) can improve the effectiveness of the wrong layout, this method has other submethod that improve efficiency material flow and decrease the number of infliction, including time; distance; and money. Researcher has a result of literatures review that conclude other methods in facilities layout planning with 10 international journal.

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