The Assessment Model of Quality of Life in Indonesian Elderly

Dewi, Fransisca Iriani Roesmala and Rostiana, Rostiana and Rumawas, Marcella E. The Assessment Model of Quality of Life in Indonesian Elderly. The Assessment Model of Quality of Life in Indonesian Elderly.

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In the forthcoming years, Indonesia will reach a demographic bonus through the continuing rapid growth of the aging population. Older individuals have to encounter physical, psychological, social and financial problems, which ultimately may burden the society and the Government. To date, the WHO’s criteria have been used to evaluate the quality of life in elderly; however, it has not accommodated the local wisdom. Alternatively, the Indonesia BKKBN’s quality of life criteria have not been supported by any empirical assessment. This study aimed to design a model assessment to determine the quality of life in older individuals based on the local wisdom applied in Indonesia. A total of 59 respondents (aged 62–82 years) living in urban/sub-urban of Jakarta, Yogyakarta or Padang where a large number of older population have been identified, underwent focus group discussion and in-depth interview. We found six local wisdoms: (1) rest (Javanesse sub-culture),(2)being respected as elders (Javanesse sub-culture),(3)it is not eaten when it is available, but it is eaten after it has gone (Minang sub-culture),(4)compromise (Javanesse sub-culture) discussion-agreement (Minang sub-culture),(5)acceptance (Javanesse sub-culture)and(6) old yet still active (Javanesse, Minang and Jakarta sub-cultures). The criterion “level of independence” (WHO and BKKBN) was consistently found among our study respondents. Conversely, “professionalism” (BKKBN) did not occur within our respondents. The six local wisdoms were incorporated into the WHO and BKKBN criteria as the new model to assess the quality of life in Indonesia older individuals.

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