The Use of Internet By Ambonese Women

Azeharie, Suzy The Use of Internet By Ambonese Women. The Use of Internet By Ambonese Women.

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The network of internet technology has been active in Indonesia since 1990, and its use has grown rapidly to the present time. However the use of the internet is still unevenly distributed due to difficulty of access, with preference given to urban areas with good resources and where the inhabitants have a working knowledge of internet technology. The rural areas, however, do not have sufficient internet access to allow its full use, and there is a gender gap with men frequently having better access to technology than do women. Technology is uncommon for women but more common for the domain of men, for example, in the workrelated areas of engineering, weapons, or technology. The town of Batu Merah in Ambon City is one of the most populated towns in Indonesia, with more than 113 thousand people living there since the end of the Ambon conflict. The study looks into the use of the internet by women in the village of Batu Merah. It was carried out according to Mediatization and Gender theories, using a qualitative research method with a phenomenological approach. The study showed that Ambonese women generally have smart phones with full access to the internet. The women use social media to communicate with other parties

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