Digital Political Party Campaign in Attracting Young Voters

Candraningrum, Diah Ayu Digital Political Party Campaign in Attracting Young Voters. Digital Political Party Campaign in Attracting Young Voters.

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General Elections in Indonesia were held on April 17, 2019. At that time, all Indonesian people have given their voting rights in the Presidential Election and Legislative Election. Especially for legislative candidates who are competing to be elected representatives, they do everything they can to increase their electability. Interestingly, a number of political parties and legislative candidates have now adopted communication technology to boost their voices, especially in winning the votes of the millennials. They use big data sourced from social media to compile digital campaigns. This is clear evidence of an innovation supporting industry 4.0, which is growing in the political sphere. The formulation of the problems contained in this study are: “How is the form of digital campaigns carried out by political parties, especially in popularizing and attracting the voices of the millennials?” This study uses a qualitative approach that describes the purpose of the use of the internet as a media campaign in the Legislative Elections. Therefore, the author conducted a study using SOSTAC (Situation, Objectives and Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control) planning framework, which is a plan to help structure and manage its implementation. This concept was developed by PR Smith for marketing communication planning. This study concluded that digital campaigns are very easy to reach young people. Since the beginning of the stage, political parties have targeting young voters and implementing the possible strategy to reach them. The result is Golkar and PSI have reached a milestone in General Elections 2019.

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