Hambatan Komunikasi Antarbudaya Pekerja Asing yang Bekerja di Jakarta

Kristiani, Reza and Savitri, Lusia Hambatan Komunikasi Antarbudaya Pekerja Asing yang Bekerja di Jakarta. Hambatan Komunikasi Antarbudaya Pekerja Asing yang Bekerja di Jakarta.

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The developments in Indonesia, especially in the capital city of Jakarta, have now become one of the livelihood fields that interest foreign citizens. However, due to differences in citizenship, language and culture, foreign workers who work in Jakarta experience obstacles in communication in Indonesia. In addition, the flow of globalization in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta is developing rapidly, resulting in the diminishing culture of the people residing in this city. However, it cannot be denied that there are still a number of phenomena caused by cultural differences between foreign workers and the people of Jakarta. These barriers make a noneffective communication of foreign workers. This study uses a descriptive qualitative research with the phenomenological method. The theoretical foundation used in this research is communication theory, intercultural communication and intercultural communication barriers. The results showed, of the six barriers to intercultural communication put forward by Devito, only four barriers were experienced by foreign workers who worked in Jakarta, there are stereotypes, misinterpretations of the meaning of verbal and nonverbal messages, violations of customs and culture and culture shock. Whereas prejudice and ethnocentrism do not become obstacles for foreign workers because foreign workers have a more open mind in a new environment they occupy.

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