Citra Diri dalam Instagram Jokowi

Cindy, Cindy and Sari, Wulan Purnama Citra Diri dalam Instagram Jokowi. Citra Diri dalam Instagram Jokowi.

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Communication is one of the basic human basic needs in living life as a social creature. Along with the development of the times that there is technology developing until social media is very developed, one of which is developing social media is Instagram which is now present in the middle of the community. The community can use Instagram social media which is currently also as a media that can make everyone able to communicate both remotely and short distance. Instagram can also see how one's self-image in an existing social media like in a post on Instagram that can show someone's activities. One of them is Instagram owned by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, who is fairly active on Instagram social media, despite having a very crowded activity. Jokowi also showed his image through every post uploaded on Instagram. President Joko Widodo is very active in uploading every post whether in political activities, family or even community activities. In this study, the author wants to find out how the attitude of a President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo on social media Instagram on society, family, and politics. The author will analyze each of Jokowi's posts from June to August to find out how the attitude of a President of the Republic of Indonesia on social media Instagram. The purpose of the research to be achieved by the writer is to know and describe the self-image in Instagram Jokowi.

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