Komunikasi Interpersonal Anak dan Orangtua Yang Berbeda Agama

Harijanto, Daniel Kurniawan and Sari, Wulan Purnama Komunikasi Interpersonal Anak dan Orangtua Yang Berbeda Agama. Komunikasi Interpersonal Anak dan Orangtua Yang Berbeda Agama.

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Family is one of the important inner-structure institutions along with community and religion. Family is classified as a formal-primary social group. Each social group has perspectives which are determined by culture. Religion is one of culture’s elements. Different religions have differences in the inherited messages and thing(s) to believe. Interpersonal communication in a family with different religions between individuals becomes important. This research aims to know the interpersonal communication between a son/daughter and his/her parents whose parents have different religions. The theories used are attraction theory, family’s form, social penetration, characteristics of relationship and communication patterns in a family. Researchers use intrinsic case study methods for this research. This research’s content shows that religious differences between father and mother is not always a barrier for communication between family members. Similarities in passion, sex and religion can cause attraction in communication between family members. Openness cannot warrant that penetration reaches deep and personal conversations, but openness can determine the discussion result’s form between discussing individuals.

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