Technology and Online Media Conglomeration

Sari, Wulan Purnama Technology and Online Media Conglomeration. Technology and Online Media Conglomeration.

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The development of time is also followed by technological developments. The development of technology has brought changes in the realm of the media business in Indonesia. History has shown that the presence of technology today has made the media trend change from print media to online media. Print media in the term to survive must change by following the development of technology nowadays. This phenomenon is also accompanied by the emergence of media conglomeration, where media is used to seek profit and fulfil the interests of the owner. This media conglomeration has started from the print media era and continues to the current online media trend. Media conglomeration shows the abuse of power, because mass media supposed to be served public interest not some certain owner. This paper examine media conglomeration phenomenon in Indonesia in line with technology and online media industry. This research was conducted using descriptive qualitative methods, where data was obtained through literature studies and observations. The results of the study show that online media currently controlled by several parties, which also controls the media in other forms of platforms, ranging from print media, radio, television, and also communication infrastructure.

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