Perbaikan Kualitas Fuel Tank Pada Divisi Welding Dengan Metode Six Sigma Pada PT. XYZ

Ahmad, Ahmad and Soenandi, Iwan and Dwiantoro, Yudo Perbaikan Kualitas Fuel Tank Pada Divisi Welding Dengan Metode Six Sigma Pada PT. XYZ. Karya Ilmiah Dosen, 2 (3). pp. 141-217. ISSN 2337-5841 / 2355-6528

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PT. XYZ is one of the leading automotive company in Indonesia, which is always trying to improve the quality of the production process in order to meet customer satisfaction. Efforts to improve the quality of the product is done by addressing the causes of defects that arise in a production process. Six sigma is a target intended for application to the characteristics that are critical to to the quality, not to the overall product. Strategies in the application of six sigma is a systematic method that uses statistical analysis of data collection to determine the source of defects and how to eliminate them throughfive stages: Define. Measure. Analyze, Improve, and Control. Types of defects that occur in the production process of'the fuel tank is leaking fuel tank. fuel tank scratches, and notched fuel tank. Further processing of the data by the method of six sigma. From the data processing is known sigma value of the fuel tank production process in Februari 2013 by 4. With FMEA analysis showed that the cause of potential failures in the fuel tank is leaking inaccuracy workers. Potential causes of failure in the fuel tank scratches is inadvertent operator in removing components from one machine to another. While the cause of potential failure in a notched fuel tank is non caution operators in putting the components in the rack shelf components.

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