Priyomarsono, Naniek Widayati (2017) EFFORT OF UPGRADING THE LAWEYAN TO BE NATIONAL CULTURAL CONSERVATION. The 3rd International Conference on Engineering of Tarumanagara (ICET) 2017.

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Laweyan is an enclave shaped settlement region. Possession of houses with specific features, one of which is Javanese architecture. Batik merchants in Laweyan had no a respectful cultural position in Javanese society who were feodalistict that time. They were equal to the poor, but what made it different was batik merchants hold economical power. Wealthiness not seldom exceeding the noblemen and the royal. Therefore Laweyan deserves to be sustainable. In 2003 it started to hold researches, Laweyan was returnable into its glorious periode of time where batik businesses held significant role under the leadership of Laweyan's mbokmase. Research method used is survey, the writing or article using analitical descriptive technique in discussion of concepts related to Laweyan. Data search is with strategy of grounded theory research (Anselm Strauss, 1990). Finding; Laweyan held a potential products as enchantment, holding human resource support, holding strong motivation, supports of facilities and infrastructure, having the supporting facilities, & holding institution in cultural art sector, & available area of development. In order to have the expected result, it takes improvement in sectors of social culture & economy, by means of conducting development strategy, then todo steps are program socialization of Laweyan development as Tourism Village. Conclusion; an improvement getting society involved as subject (active participation in the field), managed and packaged interestingly and naturally, Laweyan was ready to receive visits of tourists. Research outcome was responded by government as welcome. In 2004 Laweyan was enacted as Batik Village. In 2010 Regulation of Minister of Culture and Tourism was established; Laweyan as Cultural Conservation Region with No: PM.03/PW.007/MKP/2010 by Mayor of Surakarta City in 2013 and there was Decree of Mayor, no.646/1- R/1/2013 as alteration to Decree of Municipal Mayor of District Level II Surakarta no. 646/116/1/1997. Recently Laweyan is proposed to be National Cultural Conservation Region.

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