Transformation of Chinatown Shopping Arcade: Pancoran Glodok - Jakarta, Indonesia (Old and New Order)

Surya Kurnia, Andi (2013) Transformation of Chinatown Shopping Arcade: Pancoran Glodok - Jakarta, Indonesia (Old and New Order). Karya Ilmiah Dosen, 4 (1). pp. 1-61.

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Jakarta as the capital of the State which was once the center of government, now posseses a particular charm of its own, uncomparable to other major cities in the world. Located beside Jakarta Old Town - the main attraction in the Capital Region of Jakarta is Jakarta Old Town -, Chinatown foreshadowed one corner of the old district of Jakarta, which is better known as Glodok. Glodok is known as a trading center offering variety of daily needs, uniquely displayed through the use of frontage of the shops along the Pancoran street. Shopping-arcade is a familiar name that can explain the phenomenon happening in the region Pancoran Glodok. Its existence became the starting point of research, because Chinatown was the target of mass amok of the riots in May 1998. Still in the memory of urban (read: city) are burning,, destruction, and looting going on there. However the region remains as an economic center until now. How the situation that characterizes the development of the region from time to time, especially during the Old Order and New Order government after the independence day (post-colonial), becomes the output to achieve in this study. In effort to see the development of existing urban memory becomes the focus, so that later studies using intrepretative-historical method in exploring narrative attached to the region. Preparation of the narrative is also supported by computational simulation in order to provide an illustration representing completeness of its time, which may not be obtained at the time of data collection. So at the end of this article, the reader should be able to obtain whole discussion of the intrepretative narrative, to enrich the knowledge of the existence of the shopping arcade in the old and new order.

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