Perancangan Program Aplikasi Website Builder

Suryana, Suryana and Hiryanto, Lely Perancangan Program Aplikasi Website Builder. Karya Ilmiah Dosen.

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Website builder is a program in a form of a website that can help user to build his own web pages without using any programming language. The builder provides facility such as Template Builder, used to build website using the provided templates, and Non-Template Builder which is used to build a website with click-and-drag, a technique by clicking and dragging to any direction for determining the position of each input elemen in the provided worksheet. Other supported facilities provided by the builder are the save, open and edit website, and also code viewer. Based on the result of running the website builder program on certain cases, and also by interviewing a number of users, the builder has been proved to function correctly, according to its specification.

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