Analisis perangkat penilaian kualitas proyek berdasarkan qlaquas (qlassic dan conquas) pada proyek bangunan gedung

Putra, Andrio Wicaksana (2017) Analisis perangkat penilaian kualitas proyek berdasarkan qlaquas (qlassic dan conquas) pada proyek bangunan gedung. Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.

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Nowadays, the construction in Indonesia is in a big scale and non-stop. For contractors, they need to be better than the others so they can get the available projects. One of the method is that a contractor company can get ISO 9001 certification which make sure the quality management system inside the company far better than the company without that certificate so the overall quality also better, indirectly. The procedure for ownership of ISO 9001 certificate make sure that the company must do internal quality auditing. However, almost all of the internal quality auditing system more focused on qualitative attribute. In this research, a construction quality project performance scoring system is created based on the system that officially applied in overseas, which is CONQUAS in Singapore and QLASSIC in Malaysia. Based on these two systems, a scoring system was made to quantified the score of a project’s quality. This scoring system is also based on SNI, the quality of standard that applied in Indonesia and also the work quality standard procedure at each project. Safety also included in this scoring system, beside the main criteria like structure and architecture work. With the presence of this scoring system, contractors can score their own project quality and also comparing the score with other projects. Two projects that handled by contractor with and without ISO 9001 certificate are the subject for the scoring system to compare the results. Internal quality auditing system also will be better with this scoring system based on quantitative attribute for quality of works, not only based on qualitative and also complete the audit system that considering the cost and time part.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Tesis
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