Design of Database Model for Museum Collection Management System

Wasino, Wasino and Lie, Tony and Arisandi, Desi and Mulyawan, Bagus and Indrajani, Indrajani Design of Database Model for Museum Collection Management System. Karya Ilmiah Dosen.

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Museum collection management system is a systemthat manages collections of museums , visitor data , transactiontraffic and transaction museums’ collections related thecollections of contributors including the grant andmaintenance of the collections. It also manages data exhibitionsand education about museum collections. The purpose of thisstudy is to generate a database model to inventory themuseum's collection that can later be used to store data ofmuseum collections electronically. The museum's collectiondatabase model will allow each museum to be a provider ofknowledge, data and information in digital form withintegrated information technology. The method used in thisstudy is consisted of a literature review, data collection withinterviews and observations, the delineation of the systemusing a DFD (Data Flow Diagram), and the analysis anddatabase design using conceptual database design techniques,and logic. The result achieved from this research is a model ofa database that support the creation of applications and datawarehouse museum collections. Conclusion derived from thisstudy is the presence of this museum database model canbecome data source for a data warehouse that is useful fordecision-making for the Department of Tourism and Cultureof the Provincial Government.

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