Career Success Orientations: An Empirical study of the Indonesian Women Business Executives

Wiryawan, Zahrida Zainal (2004) Career Success Orientations: An Empirical study of the Indonesian Women Business Executives. Karya Ilmiah Dosen, 10 (02). ISSN 0852-713x

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the career orientations of educated and urban Indonesian women business executives following Derr's (1988) success map, While research on women business executives and their career orientation is extensive in developed countries, such research is scarce, if not none at all, in Indonesia. The country's society still holds deeply rooted beliefs regarding the role of women at home and in the workplace. Such special pressure could make dfficult an for Indonesian women to choose a career instead of a family, or to successfully combine these two important pillars of her modern life. This study investigated five research questions on the career success orientations of the Indonesian women business executives with 10 non directional null hypotheses on a sample representation of 93 of these women. The findings are that the majority of the respondents are oriented to 'Getting balance'. This is a career success orientation concerned with maintaining the balance between home, work and personal development. Csreers as lived by their respondents in this study, therefore, may be removed from the ideals portrayed in management career literature; in other words these respondents show 'no career' concerns for advancement in the corporate board-room.

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