Mother’s Upbringing Pattern in Creating Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Children at Elementary School

Tanjungsari, Hetty Kurnia (2010) Mother’s Upbringing Pattern in Creating Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Children at Elementary School. Karya Ilmiah Dosen.

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Entrepreneurship can be taught and entrepreneurial characteristicscan be created. Mother, as a parent, can help their children to growwith entrepreneurial characteristics through early education at home,with specific upbringing pattern. The hope of having anentrepreneurial generation is no longer a dream.This research investigates 300 mothers of elementary age children inJakarta, Indonesia, whose children have shown higher entrepreneurialcharacteristics among others. The children first observed whether theyhave entrepreneurial characteristics such as: innovativeness, need forachievement, locus of control, risk taking propensity, tolerance ofambiguity, and self confidence. Then, each mother of children withhigher entrepreneurial characteristics is being examined about theirupbringing pattern, whether they manage an entrepreneurial value ornot and how they put hope in choosing the value on their children’sfuture career when they have grown up.We also correlate children’s entrepreneurial characteristics andmother’s upbringing pattern and find that both have strongrelationship. The evidence support research hypothesis that motherscan eagerly grow their children to become entrepreneurs by managingentrepreneurial value in their upbringing pattern.This research will give the first empirical evidence on entrepreneurialcharacteristics amongst elementary age children in Indonesia. Thus, itcontributes to strengthen the rationale of creating entrepreneurialgeneration as one of Indonesian’s dream in a long term governmentalprogram.

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