Pengaruh Takhayul terhadap Kesediaan Membeli yang Dimoderasi oleh Informasi Produk

Slamet, Franky and Tunjungsari, Hetty Karunia (2012) Pengaruh Takhayul terhadap Kesediaan Membeli yang Dimoderasi oleh Informasi Produk. Karya Ilmiah Dosen.

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Superstition, the beliefs in the magical effects of a specific action or ritual,especially in the likelihood that good or bad luck will result from performing it, arecommon all around the world. Some researches have found the correlations of suchbelief with people’s decision making in coping with everyday life’s matter. Sometimespeople can become irrational in their buying decisions in order to bring good luck or tofend off bad luck.Regarding many types of superstition, this research will focus on colorssuperstition, which is, the beliefs that colors can bring good luck or bad luck. Theresearch will explore how people with colors superstition might consider that productwith lucky colors is better than one with unlucky colors. Consequently, they are willingto purchase more on lucky product.A sample of 186 students from a leading private university in Jakartaparticipated in this study by responding to structural questionnaire in classrooms.Analysis of Variance was used to analyse the data.This research found that there are differences on willingness to purchase betweencolors with superstitions and neutral. By adding some information about the productcan dampened the effect of superstition in purchase decision. Thus, people withsuperstition have no difference rationality with those who are not having superstition.This research will bring many implications empirically or managerially. Thefindings are expected to extent the robustness of superstition in terms of consumerbehavior, especially for Indonesian people since the extant prior research still limited.Marketers can also create better product offerings within the market where peoplehaving such belief.

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