Paramita, Sinta (2016) ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND COMMUNICATIONS TOURISM IN YOGYAKARTA INDONESIA. Karya Ilmiah Dosen. pp. 56-59. ISSN 978-979-9234-54-4

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Gunung Kidul areas in the topography and geography of an area frequently hit by drought disaster, so the state of the economy of the people are on the poverty line. Conditions of poverty make people do not have an adequate level of education. Then it is coupled with the high number of suicides in Gunung Kidul. These entire conditions make the area of Gunung Kidul has a bad stigma on drought, poverty, low education levels and high rates of suicide. All of these conditions continue to rotate so that a loop system attached. Amid these conditions and stigma, Tourism Village Sri Gethuk present and begin to develop its natural potential for tourism. This study will investigate how the managers of Village Tourism Sri Gethuk manage local tourism potential and make the village forward and escape from poverty. The method used in the study using the case study method, because it focuses on case management of local tourism potential in Sri Gethuk Tourism Village, and this method allows researchers to delve deeply into all aspects related to marketing communications to promote Village Sri Gethuk. Results from this study are the manager of a tourist village Sri Gethuk have had the ability to at least five (5) public relations functions and is able to bring the village out of poverty by exploiting the tourism potential of the tourism communication.

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