Televisi dan Berita Konflik di TV One

Paramita, Sinta Televisi dan Berita Konflik di TV One. Karya Ilmiah Dosen Fikom.


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This research has aimed to determine how construction news Mesuji conflict and South Lampung conflict broadcast by TV One. The method used in the study thought Dahinden and Entman adoption in explaining framing. Dahinden Framing refers to the basic framework to look at the position and a special view of the news media and text. Entman Framing explained that in framing the framing the way chosen and treated to give some of the aspects of an incident that will be investigated in a text message. The study findings suggest that journalists are not critical in view of the phenomenon of Mesuji conflict and South Lampung conflict. The low quality of the news will affect the audience an understanding of both the conflict

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