Loisa, Riris (2013) NEW MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY: GKI YASIVIN ISSTIE IN YOUTUBE.COM. Karya Ilmiah Dosen. pp. 155-174. ISSN 978-602-17561-0-2

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New media gives new direction to democracy, particularly in regard to theprinciples of equality for acquisition and dissemination of information and opinionwhich are difficult to conduct properly by the media as one of the pillars ofdemocracy. Various economic and political interests that had been shadowing themainsffeam media operations are limited since the new media allows the productionand consumption of information from many to many with low control. Interreligiousconflict concerning violence faced by churches in Indonesia, for exanrple, is one ofthe cases of human rights violations that were difficult to obtain in traditionalmainstream media. New media re,preserts a public sphere of democracy toaccommodate the right of information. This paper will discuss the case of GKIYasmm, especially onthe video uploaded to, to analyze the democratic -models that appear on tle site. The analysis conducted qualitatively to thepurposively selected video, supported by simple quantitative content analysis. Theresults showed that the model of dernocratic discussion that occurred at the site refersto the libertarian model. The availability of information in multiple perspectives onthe case, puts the new media a resemble to the traditional media, as the watchdog forthe government. On the other hand, the availability of grassroots information asdescribed in the communitarian model was not able to advocate the communalpolitical empowerment. The analysis also shows that in the virtual public discourseon the issue of GKI Yasmin, need to be developed toward the ideal criteria ofdeliberative democracy.

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