Integrity in Christian Values in Problematic Social Relations: The Case of GKI Yasmin

Loisa, Riris (2013) Integrity in Christian Values in Problematic Social Relations: The Case of GKI Yasmin. Karya Ilmiah Dosen. pp. 730-742. ISSN 978-602-18666-4-1

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“..And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” … This citation from the holy Bible is the central issue of Christianity. Today, love has become a universal concept in the context of romance, family and friendships. In Christianity, love has many dimensions with multiple indicators: patient, kind, un-abusive, does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, always hopes, always perseveres, etc. Christians believe that love never fails, and should always have this concept in mind, use it as reference for way of thinking, speaking and behaving towards God, self and others. In other word, Christianity is about integrity of loving. This essay will discuss the integrity in applying the concept of love in a complicated social relations faced by the congregation of GKI Yasmin, in the city of Bogor. This congregation has encountered oppression by the radical groups as well as by the local government, even though they have won the case in the Supreme Court. How the congregation responding to the oppressions with integrity of Christian values will be analyzed, with the perspective of intercultural communication within ideology and moral issues. The analysis will be using interpretive text analysis toward several web archives including GKI Yasmin official website and news in The result of this analysis will present a description of integrity based on Christian central values in a social relations that encountered by conflict.

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