Communication Technologies and the Problems of Developing Countries

Susanto, Eko Harry (2010) Communication Technologies and the Problems of Developing Countries. International Seminar "Globalization:Social Cost and Benefits for the Third World". ISSN 979-498-530-9

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In the communication technologies developing corridor, the developing countries nowadays can not close themselves to do their powers. Information and technologies have been using as the media main base, brought all universal democratic messages, where it being the guidance for citizens in this world. All incident that happened in whole part of the world , believed as the together responsible, without differentiation of geographic border and nationality. But the problems are, not easy for the developing countries to follow the stream of global information, because of the defection of technologies distribution and citizens readiness. More than that, in the context of developing countries dependent, the defection and dependence have been using by the developed (advance) countries to dominate the international opinion. Keywords : communication technologies, media, and international opinion.

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