Komunikasi Organisasi dalam Pengelolaan Informasi

Susanto, Eko Harry (2010) Komunikasi Organisasi dalam Pengelolaan Informasi. Karya Ilmiah Dosen.

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Communication organization was moved to support the effort to reach the aim which has been decided. Which the power to the structure and hierarki of organizational, doesn’t mean that communication which has been conducted is way too tightly, either it’s linier of kursif in one way, without counting any feedback. Because in the real meanings, communication organization in managing the complexity of information, are trying to open the communication access in lini way in all entity of the company, and by that we can achive feedback which sufficiant. In that way, the success of doing / managing an pastitution is highly depend on the excistence of the communication organization which has been done consistenly.

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