Hubungan kepemimpinan dan komunikasi pelaksana dengan kinerja operator alat pancang di PT XYZ

Darwis, Darwanto (2012) Hubungan kepemimpinan dan komunikasi pelaksana dengan kinerja operator alat pancang di PT XYZ. Masters thesis, Universitas Tarumanegara.

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Foundation is one of the most important structures of a building and the erection of stakes is very popular among the society because of its practical and efficient function. Although supported with advanced equipments, production of stakes and independent distribution, if not maximized, the process of stake erection that should be easy would be inefficient and possibly result in some financial loss. Fieldwork teams including stake operators and executors are the spearhead of a stake’s contractor company. Leadership and communication are one of the things that greatly affect the performance of stake erection in a project. Therefore, many performance evaluation methods are developed. This study used questionnaire method in searching the data. The samples used were the fieldwork team of PT. XYZ as many as 50 people using the method of simple random sampling. The analysis methods used included validity, reliability test, determination analysis, regression analysis and correlation (both simple and multiple). Through these methods, the relationship between the executor’s leadership and communication and the performance of stake operators at PT. XYZ could be determined. The result was expected to be one of the solutions to improve the erection performance of PT. XYZ. The study results showed that the executor’s leadership and communication had a positive and significant relationship both individually and collectively with the performance of stake operator at PT. XYZ. It can be concluded that the better the executor’s leadership and communication are, the better the performance of the stake operator will be. The executor’s communication of PT. XYZ had a positive constant however, the leadership showed a negative constant. If the negative constant is not addressed specifically, it would cause performance degradation and even would result in the company’s financial loss.

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