The Role of Air Transport to Push The National Economic Development in Indonesia

Sudiro, Amad (2013) The Role of Air Transport to Push The National Economic Development in Indonesia. UNISBANK INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. ISSN 978-979-3649-82-5

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AnIndonesia air transport increase significantly. The development of air transport recorded 15% from 2010 to 2011. The development could not separately with the new Civil Aviation Act of 2009. The Civil Aviation Act came force on Januari 1, 2009, has promoted the development og Indonesia air transportation. Its regulates the requirements to obtain a business permit such as aircraft ownership, airlanes; capital, share holder composition, bank guarantee, aviation human resources, type of air transport such as cabotage, domestic schedule air transportation, international schedule air transport, general aviation, pioneer air tarnsport, international scheduled air transportation, international non-scheduled air transportation, tariff such as policy of tariff, compent of tarif, economic tiker above the celling tariff stipulated by the Ministry of Communications (MOC), type of service provided by an airlanes such normal service, medium servicesadn no refill services, ratifcation of Cape Town Conventionof 2001 and off 2001 and open sky policy. Before description of the above mentioned, would be describe historically to give the way to understand easily.

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