Gambaran Resiliensi Ibu Yang Memiliki Anak Menderita Kanker Darah (Leukimia)

Andrayani, Winda (2012) Gambaran Resiliensi Ibu Yang Memiliki Anak Menderita Kanker Darah (Leukimia). Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Blood cancer (leukemia cells) are a type of cancer of the white blood cells produced by the bone marrow. Blood cancer leukemia cells lymphoblastic usually occurs in children. The cause of acute lymphocytic leukemia (LLA) is characterized by fever, pale and bruise. Children who are diagnosed with blood cancers who require intensive care and suffered physical and psychological effects. The figure of the mother needed to care for and assist children who are exposed to the LLA.The mother maintains close ties with his children during his lifetime, the mother who has the adult stages of age using the thought of feeling versus logic. This stage also began to develop his career moms and parenting. Children with this condition required a strong mother figure to accompany her because, having to do chemotherapy and other treatment. resilience is needed in order for the mothers who have children suffering from leukemia cells can rise overcoming various problems. This research was conducted to look at the picture resiliensi mothers who have children suffering from blood cancer using three subjects. The characteristics of the subjects of the mother with the age of 20-40 years, children aged 6-12 years old, and ALL affected pain approximately 1,5 year. This research was conducted with qualitative methods from February-September 2012. The results showed it has a picture of the three subjects with the resilience resiliency different.

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